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Based in Birmingham, UK, Ace Embroidery is a well-established firm specialising in embroidering, printing and engraving logos and marketing images onto a wide range of products.

Applications are numerous, but include branded work-wear, uniforms, and sportswear, as well as personalised gifts, competition trophies and promotional items.

The Business Problem

This is a competitive market in which precision, accuracy and service matter.  Every detail has to be right, from the overall design to the positioning of the logo; the customer needs quick and easy access to a high quality ‘proof;’ and, once the go-ahead has been received, the final product needs to be delivered efficiently and reliably.  And, it needs to look exactly the same as the ‘proof!’

Ace recognised that its existing proof management system was seriously out of date.  Customers were unable to view proofs on mobile devices; they could only authorise go-ahead via email; and those emails landed in the inboxes of individual members of the sales team.  The process was inconvenient for the customer, hard to manage and prone to delay.

The Solution

Our solution is an online ‘proof manager.’  Members of the sales team now create customer proofs online, allowing them to place multiple images on a single item.

The completed proof is then emailed to the customer who triggers a simple approval mechanism.  Desired changes can be easily communicated back to the sales team who then generate a further proof.

Once the customer is completely satisfied, their acceptance is communicated quickly and easily.  At that point, the proof is ‘locked’ and an email automatically sent to the sales team.  No further edits can be made, ensuring that the production team can only work from the actual proof approved by the customer.


The Result

The efficiency and accuracy of the process has been substantially improved.

Mistakes have all but been eradicated and lines of communication are simpler and more reliable.

The system delivers an accurate record of activity, making re-ordering much easier and improving the quality of management information.

The case is a classic example of the power of IT to streamline key, customer facing business processes.  Business efficiency is increased, customer service improved and competitiveness reinforced.

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