Development Services

Our software improves your business efficiency.

Whether it be packaged solutions to help with your everyday business tasks; products that open up new commercial opportunities; or bespoke developments to streamline your business-critical tasks we –

  • Improve your marketing and operational effectiveness
  • Reduce barriers to business growth
  • Make it easier to manage and control your business

Bespoke software

Sometimes, only a bespoke solution will do.

Your ability to compete; your ability to grow; and your business success are all dependent on the effective management of your core business processes.

And, in today’s business world, that means your core business software has to perform.  It must optimise your business efficiency, it must improve your competitiveness and it must support your business effectively and reliably.

But, all too often, a packaged solution seems to involve adapting your processes to the software rather than the other way round!  The result is frustration, bottlenecks and disappointed customers.

We develop your bespoke solutions with you to ensure that they support and enhance your core business processes and they way you want to work.

Get in touch if you need to optimise your core business processes or if you are frustrated by the limitations of your current software packages.  Or read the xxx case study for an insight into the benefits a well-designed bespoke solution can deliver.

Product development

As business owners, we recognise that things change very quickly.  We need to innovate and develop new ideas constantly if we are not to be left behind.

But, a new product idea, no matter how good, needs to be developed - and developed quickly – if it is to achieve its commercial potential.

At, we have a track record of turning great ideas into great software products.  So, get in touch if you need help turning your vision into reality or read the LM3 case study to find out more.