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Business Over Breakfast is a highly successful business networking organisation, hosting fortnightly breakfast meetings for many thousands of members in nine countries.

The email overhead for such a business is huge!  Booking reminders are sent to every member of every club prior to every meeting; receipts need to be sent out; and invitations also need to be sent to guests – and that doesn’t include the marketing communications’ output.  In all, well over 10,000 emails are sent every month.

The Business Problem

Attempting to manage outgoing traffic of this magnitude from the organisation’s single SMPT server was a major problem.  In addition to falling foul of the Real Time Blacklist on too many occasions, the system lacked any kind of resilience.  The server represented a single point of failure; it was extremely difficult to pinpoint problems; and it was impossible to monitor delivery performance.

The Solution has been associated with Business Over Breakfast from its inception.  Our in-depth knowledge of the business enabled us to implement a rapid and effective solution.  By moving the marketing email system onto a separate server and integrating it with selected email service providers, we have addressed the resilience and visibility problems that were being experienced.

The Result

99.9% of transactional emails to members and guests are now being delivered.

Transactional emails are no longer at risk of falling foul of the Real Time Blacklist, ensuring that important information about meetings is delivered reliably.

A management information dashboard for both head office and regional directors provides on-going performance monitoring.

The single point of failure has been eliminated.

High volume email transmission is becoming a critical communications’ tool for many businesses.  But an inadequate infrastructure will result in constant failures, problems and headaches.  The case provides a classic illustration of the importance of ensuring that the IT infrastructure is “fit for purpose.”


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